How the SWR System is built

The points in the table are given  by the result of the racer at an event, and the category of the event. 

1. Categorization of an event  (score and star rating)

The  categorization of an event is based on these elements :

Number of participants 50%  

Prize money 30% * 

Number of nations 20%

*prize money currency is US dollars


The  Maximum score that an event can get is   15points. 

Based on these informations we automaticly rank the stenght of an  event.

The final categorization  will be determined after registering the event details.

2. Calculation of points of the competitor

The  baseline of the score is the categorisation (strenght)  of an event. This number is multiplied by the number of points scored in the competition.

So if we say, a man in a 9.6 point event gets a  3rd place, he gets 9.6 x 31 = 297.6 points.

On the ranking, we will consider all the points gained  from all the events .

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