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03.Jan. 2020.


You can read important updates and explanations regarding Sup World Ranking 2020 down below:


One and a half year ago we felt it necessary to compile a world ranking list that differentiates between event types and is independent, purely based on mathematics.

Half a year of preparation with the help of one of the best hungarian mathematicians was enough to get started with SWR in January 2019.

The first year was about accumulating points and to get a better picture of who the most active and most successful competitors were.


From January of this year we upgrade the system to make an even more sophisticated world rankings list.


The top athletes scoring will be included as a fourth differentiating factor in the calculations.

From 2020 the presence of the TOP 20 male and TOP 10 female athletes will increase the point ranking of a given event.

Here you can make preliminary calculations:


Q & A

1.  Why only TOP 10 for the female athletes?

We were often asked throughout the year why only top 10 female athletes get ranked?

There is a simple mathematical explanation to this. The number of elite female SUP athletes is very low at the moment. 

Were we to account for the TOP 20 female athletes just as we do with the males (this means that at least 15 participants need to finish an event-) 40% of the races would have been eliminated from the list. So we made an exemption for the female athletes, lowered the number of the participants necessary, and score the top 10. As the number of athletes increases so will the adjustments to the scoring table follow suit.


2. Long distance vs technical race in the rankings ?

Another question is why only the long distance results should be taken into consideration?

Its also statistics that provide the answer. Since none of athletes competed in at least 5 of the SWR registered technical events, these numbers become statistically insignificant. If these numbers improve in the future the calculations will be adjusted as well

3. 200 sprint on the world rankings :

These events become more and more popular, so they earned their spot on SWR.

4. Why do we need multiple rankings?

As you can see we evaluate different categories separately on our site.

For me from a professional point of view this is not even a question. Long distance races can not be considered in the same rankings with technical and sprint events.


This differentiation is made in every other type of professional sports. They require a different set of skills and unique preparation. The results of a sprinter and a marathon runner can not be compared to orienteering. That is the same case with SUP. 


Important to note is that the SWR system is still free to use, those who qualify according to the registration rules can participate.

We gladly accept the  application of event organizers. 

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