The story of Bruno Hasulyo & his Braca Marlin Paddle from the trainer's perspective

Front of all:
As a trainer, I've never met such a good paddle.


In June, Bruno could test the new prototype paddle by Braca. The first impression was very promising.

At this time, to the paddle had no name yet. During the test, the name was born by Bruno and the SWR owner.

Marlin became the perfect name.
Black Marlin is the fastest fish species all over the world, having been recorded unwinding fishing line at 130 km/h.This speed is inspiring.

The prototype went to the factory, and we did believe, we can start to use the new Marlin in the 2nd training camp, before the 11 city race.
But, no ......
You know, how function the factories .......
..... and then a bit late, 2 weeks before the ICF SUP World Championship the paddles have arrived.
Common sense and professional attitude would have dictated that we are not changing anything.

But, we were all very - very curious.
So, we thought we would give "him" a chance.

#1 test
We have started the first test.
We wanted to know what Bruno's first personal opinion.
How does his body, shoulders, palms react, how strong the paddle ..... etc
We put to the boat the Marlin and Maui paddles, started a long training, and changed the paddles every 5 minutes.

By the end of the training, Bruno said me that, in the next few days, he just wanted to use this, because it's so good, and wants to make a good decision. 
The Marlin paddle seemed strong and very effective.

Wow, I thought ..... before the World Championship, this is a very daring action.
This needs to be measured more accurately, there will not be enough subjective feeling here.

#2 .... and more test
Subsequent tests focused on time, stroke number, distance

Exam of the Marlin paddle was excellent. Everyone can know the results.
Bruno competed with his Marlin paddle in China and next to the World Champion title he took his 2nd Vice World Champion Title.

Well, I can tell you, as a trainer, I've never met such a good paddle! 

  • Strong, but not violent

  • Effective but not aggressive

  • Smooth, but that's why it's best!

           The choice of Champion!

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